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School’s out, play is IN! Join us for five days of costumes, arts and crafts, games, prizes, stories, and a ton of Fairyland fun. Dust off your dress-up trunk and get ready to wear your favorite pieces because during Spirit Week, every day is a theme party! 

Monday, April 1 - Twinzie Day
Today, you’re absolutely twinning! Kids can match with their grownups or set up a playdate and twin with a friend! Make matching accessories with your twin and enjoy arts & crafts together. Kiddos will tackle a 3 legged race, problem-solving puzzles, and other awesome challenges to raise the bar on what “teamwork” means, all day long! 

Tuesday, April 2 - Sports Day with the Oakland Roots
Are you ready for some fútbol?! Get those feet in motion with field games and an epic obstacle course. Oakland Roots will be tabling from 12-2 with prize-winning opportunities for all.

Wednesday, April 3 - Ren Faire
Enter the Renaissance time capsule through ye Olde West Bridge. Get suited up in your coat of armor, flower crown, and face paint to enjoy a transformed village full of festivities fit for a royal. 

Thursday, April 4 - Pirates of Fairyland
Arrrrr you ready for a boat-load of awesome?! Let your inner pirate all the way out and join the Pirates of Fairyland! Get ready for pirate songs, sword tricks, and a swashbuckling treasure hunt that’ll shiver ye timbers.

Friday, April 5 - Pajama Day
Get cozy and curl up for storytime in your best bedtime threads! Run, don’t sleepwalk, to the “pillow fort” building party of your dreams! 

This will be a week of play, self expression, and making new connections! Come play with us!

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