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Parking at Children’s Fairyland
Details about Parking at Children’s Fairyland. Looking for directions? You can find more information here

Parking Lot on Bellevue Ave. Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. until dusk: $2.00 for the first two hours, $10.00 for the day. Field trip buses may drop off guests. Unfortunately, there is no bus parking available on Bellevue.

Saturday and Sunday: $5.00 for the day.


Need a place to store your things?
We know it's not always easy to avoid leaving belongings in your car, especially when you're out with your family or visiting from out of town. If you're visiting Fairyland and need a safe place to store valuables, we can help! Our wonderful staff is happy to securely store your valuable belongings within the park. 

Please bring your items to the Fairy Gates and someone will assist you. 


Storage Guidelines

  • Food and Beverages: Please note that we cannot store food or beverages.

  • Secure Storage: Your items will be stored in a locked closet for your convenience.

  • Storage for Items with Wheels: Bikes, scooters, and wagons can be parked in the stroller parking area in front of the gift shop or across from the Jolly Trolly.

  • Pick-Up Reminder: It’s important you retrieve your stored items before you leave. Fairyland cannot ship your items back to you. 

  • Consider Limited Space: Please keep in mind that our storage space is limited. If you are able to carry an item with you, especially tech devices such as iPads or computers, we recommend doing so. 

  • Suitable Items: Larger items like luggage, car seats, and giant duffel bags are suitable for storage.


Please reach out to frontdesk@fairyland.org if you have any questions.


July 4, 2024: Parking on Bellevue Ave.

Fairyland is open for holiday play on July 4!

As Lake Merritt is a beautiful space to enjoy the 4th of July holiday, heavy traffic and some road closures are expected. This is a great opportunity to walk, bike, BART, or ride share to the park!

The City of Oakland will implement temporary road closures and safety measures to control access to the Lake. 

•    Lakeshore Blvd. will be closed to southbound traffic (the side abutting the lake) from MacArthur Blvd. to East 18th street.
•    Bellevue will be closed to through traffic -- Children's Fairyland visitors will be able to come into Lakeside Park and park.
•    El Embarcadero will be closed.
•    Portions of Grand Avenue will be closed including the offramp from I-580.